Scholarships Available in the Main Office
First, read through the list of scholarships link here:
If you find a scholarship that interests you and there is no website link, please check with Mrs. Wilson. Remember, there are many scholarships available from the college or university you plan to attend. Be sure to check individual college websites EARLY for specific scholarships.  
Please remember that you must apply and be accepted to the college or university to accept and use the scholarship money towards your college education.
Students - please go online and make sure you meet the eligibility criteria of the scholarship. Is your GPA high enough? Is your information correct before spending your time on applying for a scholarship that you will not qualify for later? Know the terms used in researching scholarships and make sure you understand what you are applying for. I have included a GLOSSARY OF SCHOLARSHIP TERMS I thought would be helpful. Please Google “How do I know if a scholarship is legit?” and learn about SCAMS.  
Note: Many scholarships are available from the college or university you plan to attend. Be sure to check individual college websites for specific scholarships.


Online Scholarship Search

Popular Searches: The following words are frequently used in finding scholarships: achievement,  African-American, art, athlete, athletic, business, computer, disability, engineering, health, Hispanic, history, journalism, law, management, medical, merit, military, minority, music, nurse, performance, science, sports, teaching, technology, theatre, women, writing
GOOGLE your interests to search for scholarships: music, art, football, baseball, etc.
Below are very helpful websites to use in your search for scholarships and financial aid.
Other Scholarship Sites
These free sources can give you access to many scholarships. 25 Find scholarships based on your personal profile Choice of majors, careers, links to colleges and scholarships Link to information Free scholarship search Free college scholarship information The Gates Millennium Scholars Program Scholarship 4 School Automotive Youth Educational Systems CHS Foundation Edvisors Sallie Mae Funds Scholarship Program Student Scholarship Search UNCF Scholarships Scholarship Database is a one-stop portal, leading to websites that allows for searching by topic rather than by agency

This is not an all-inclusive list! You may also want to check in your local area through church organizations, local newspapers, magazines, banks, high school counselors and clubs such as Kiwanis, American Legion, and the Eagles.

*Pay attention to deadlines
*Never pay for a scholarship application
*Public libraries have additional information regarding scholarships
*You will never know IF you qualify unless you apply




The state of Indiana has increased its state grants rather noticeably, good news for Indiana residents attending accredited Indiana colleges and universities. Here is a sample of the changes:
With a zero Expected Family Contribution (EFC), here are the new maximum state grants:
Private Colleges: Last year’s $7,400 grant has been increased to $9,000
Public Universities: Last year’s $3,700 grant has increased to $4,500
Ivy Tech/Proprietary Colleges: Last year’s  $3,100 grant has increased to $3,400
Please Note: If you are eligible for a state grant and have an Academic or Technical Honors Diploma, you receive an additional “Incentive Grant” of $800. So looking at the amounts above, $9,000 becomes $9,800; $4,500 becomes $5,300; and $3,400 becomes $4,200.  AN HONORS DIPLOMA CAN PAY YOU!!
WTF: What the FAFSA Scholarship

Navigating through the FAFSA application process can feel overwhelming and downright confusing. We’re here to help! We have created a comprehensive collection of FAFSA tools for you and your students, including:

  • Resources that will help students create an FSA ID
  • Step by step help in answering some of FAFSA’s most complicated questions
  • Information on what happens after you fill out the FAFSA
  • FAFSA infographics that you can print and share
  • The FAFSA Master Key badge where students can explore the ins and outs of the FAFSA
  • College text line that students can text into and get all of their college questions answered by a live person!
To spread awareness of FAFSA, Get Schooled is giving out a $1,000 scholarship via twitter to students who use #FAFSA. Winning has never been SO EASY! Let your students know that they have from now until October 31st to:
  • Follow @GetSchooled on twitter
  • Tweet #FAFSA and include @getschooled
  • They can also retweet any tweet from @getschooled that includes the #FAFSA until Oct 31st
  • EVERY tweet increases their chances
  • Here are the official rules

Use our FAFSA media kit for posters and digital banners to easily share all these FAFSA resources with your school.

Scholarships and websites:
- Tackling Unfair College Student Loan Practices -
Find a career that matches your interests.
Log on to: careeronestop and take the Interest Assessment to find a career that matches your interests.