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Freshman Information Class of 2025

Hello and welcome!
Ms Mullins 2020

I am Ms Mullins, the freshman counselor. I am excited to be working with your family this year. This is my 21th year as a high school counselor and I love to work for a school that has so much to offer students! 

8/11/2021 start of the year video/what  to  expect  this  year.  How to check grades/attendance, SSC, dean info, some rules and expectations, social worker info.

New Students: the student page at the ACS website is a great link to access.  There you can find the links for Powerschool & Canvas.      Powerschool is where you'll find grades and attendance.     Canvas is where you will find your classes and assignments.

Anderson High School page 

Freshman counselor 9th grade page

Again, welcome to AHS. Please let us know as needs arise.

Ms Mullins, Freshman Counselor

[email protected] 765-641-2037 ext. 8017

Retaking a class you took in middle school for high school credit? 
Your high school GPA is very important so we do offer Grade Forgiveness for high school classes taken in 8th grade.  Page 6   2021-2022 AHS Course Description Handbook.docx - Google Docs 

Grade Forgiveness Guidelines (Starting with Cohort 2020):

  • In the event a student is not satisfied with the high school grade earned in middle school, the entire year of the course must be repeated and completed before continuing to the next level course. The new grade of the repeated class will appear on the high school transcript and GPA will be calculated using the new grade. The original earned grade will be changed to a NC (no credit) on the high school transcript and will NOT affect the student’s GPA. In light of the current competitiveness of college entrance requirements, it is HIGHLY recommended that the middle school student repeat the course if the student receives below a C in middle school. Scheduling to repeat a course from middle school will not occur automatically based on the above recommendation. It is the student/parent choice to repeat the course and is imperative that the counselor be informed of the choice.

  • FOR POTENTIAL TOP 30 STUDENTS: Any students who want to be considered for qualification into the Top 30 category of academic achievement must NEVER have utilized any of the grade forgiveness options. 
  • This also applies in the case of utilizing a passing 10th Grade  ISTEP+ or Graduation Qualifying Exam (GQE) score for English 10, Algebra I, or Biology as a grade equivalent of a ‘C’ for the corresponding course.
4 year plans

 Is required of all freshmen

 Each freshman will save this document in their google drive and we will work on it and refer to it throughout the year. This is a guided activity with the freshman counselor.

4 year plan snapshot
Career Survey
Create an account. Take surveys and explore.

Mr Brown, the freshman dean, and I, the freshman counselor, visited English classes the two weeks before fall break so we could share 
  • building concerns, rules, tips for freshmen
  • importance of good grades
  • school is your first 4 year job and work skills
  • help - student support center and social workers
  • graduation requirements (Preparing for College and Careers covered this in depth in 8th grade)
  • 4 year plan introduction
recorded video covering what we talked about can be seen here:
Parents, instructions on how to create an ACSC canvas account to see your student's academic progress.