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Dual credit through Ivy Tech

Indiana College Core 30 
Is a Core of 30 college credits that can travel with you to in state state colleges and some private

In the spring, I met with the physics teacher and students signed up for physics so that they could use the summer to get qualified to enroll for credit in the fall. instructions students received and slides presentation


Dual Credit Physics 2022-2023                                                                         Date: 5/24/22

KACALC placement test info. 

You are signed up to take Physics DC in the fall.  There is a high math placement prerequisite for the dual credit. We encourage students to work on that during the summer to complete requirements so you are dual credit ready in the fall.  

 (check all that apply) Do you have dual credit earned in MATH121 _____   MATH137 _____ 

 Knowledge assessment score KACALC 95 _____

If not, you will need to do the Knowledge Assessment 

Physics 1: PREREQUISITES: MATH 121, Geometry-Trigonometry OR MATH 137 Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry OR KACALC 95

How to get started

Never done dual enrollment before 

Dual Enroll link where you create a login if you have never done dual credit before.  You must create an account. You just enter the required information (denoted with a *). You DO NOT use your ACSC email address, you will need a personal email. You do need to enter your social security number. 

Step 2, or if you have an account already.

Follow these instructions (KACALC) 

How do you order an Ivy Tech transcript?        updated 3/28/22

Current students can request their Official transcript through MyIvy by taking the following steps:

  • Step 1: Log into your MyIvy account (
  • Step 2: Click on Tools and Resources at the top of the form
  • Step 3: Select Request Official Transcript from the list of items

If you no longer have access to MyIvy because you have not attended in two or more years, click here to request your transcript online. You will need to Create an Account with Parchment Exchange if you haven't already done so. Should you need to reset your password, you will click on "Forgot Your Password". 

If you are a current student and need an unofficial transcript, this is available via MyIvy and can be printed. 

  • Step 1: Log into your MyIvy account (
  • Step 2: Click on Tools and Resources at the top of the form
  • Step 3: Select Unofficial Transcripts from the list of items
Students are completing the dual enroll process if they did not in the spring OR if they are a new enrollment.
Teachers should have shared the info in their classrooms and on their class canvas.  Students were then instructed to select their dual credit class - each dual credit teacher had students do this during class.  Students then were instructed to complete the Knowledge Assessment if required.  See the following doc for complete information on the dual credit process for fall 2021. 
11/17/21 is the withdrawal date for Ivy Tech. This is an opportunity for dual credit students in a fall credited classes to drop the class for a W and it will not negatively impact their financial aid in the future.  Teachers have shared that info in classes and a picture of the process.withdraw
I am Ms Mullins and I am the point person at AHS for our free college credit program with Ivy Tech. This year we have over 500 students enrollments in dual credit classes, which is wonderful!
You are getting this email because your student is enrolled in at least dual credit class with AHS. For the dual credit side, there are steps students must complete to qualify.

I created this document and a video (the video has the same information as the document) going over dual credit enrollment and knowledge assessment.
I created this as a way to share info with parent/guardians so you know what we are doing here. There are multiple steps to the process and we have been working on these the past few weeks. If your student has requirements to meet to get qualified, please have them working to meet those (knowledge assessment is the main qualifier and students should be enrolled in that already if needed). Students can see their course enrollment status in their dualenroll account so they can update you on where they are in the process.

Video of the dual credit process and steps in case you prefer to hear process instead of reading the document.
text here...
May 7th,2021  this email was sent out
Action is needed now for school year 2021-2022. 
  • Please see the attached document and complete the steps.
  • Please complete this process by Friday May 14th.
  • Do not use you ACSC school email as it cannot be used for outside emails.
  • Select me, Michele Mullins, as AHS counselor.
  • Complete the 6 steps outlined on the attachment and I will send out info in the fall re: additional steps to complete. 

Thank you,   Ms Mullins
What is dual credit?
Dual credit is the term given to courses in which high school students have the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously. Dual credit courses are taught by our high school teachers during the school day.  Students may have additional work to qualify for the dual credit piece.  Getting enrolled with Ivy Tech is the first step.
Dual credit resources: 
Dual credit general information DOE website
Dual credit information for high school students  Ivy Tech
Dual credit through Ivy Tech
requesting your transcript
  • If this is your first time using the online order system, please click Create Account and enter the required information. Once your account is created you will be able to request transcripts online and track the status of your orders.
  • You will then choose to order a Transcript (either PDF or Print)
  • You will then either search for a school by using the search box, or click on the “Send to yourself, another individual, or third party” link.
  • If you search for a school, matching results will be displayed. You select the correct institution with the Select button.
  • If the school is a Parchment receiving institution, it’s likely that the institution has specified that they wish to have the transcript sent electronically. “Electronic” will be pre-selected as the delivery mode. You may switch to a mailed transcript by clicking on the “Switch to Mail Delivery” link under the
    document name. A pop-up will display notifying you that the institution prefers an electronic transcript; you may then accept the popup and send an electronic transcript, or continue to send a mailed transcript.  There is a required “Purpose for Request” field that you must choose an option (“I prefer not to answer” is one of the options). There is a Parchment report that details what you have listed as the purpose for the request.  You may also attach any additional documents here. NOTE: If you select a mailed transcript, there is not an option to add attachments. Attachments are only allowed with electronic delivery of transcripts.
  • You are presented with the shopping cart of orders. You may remove an order, continue ordering more transcripts, or check out at this point.
  • You will need to provide consent if you did not log in via MyIvy. Once you has submitted a signed consent (if ordering via and not through MyIvy) that consent will be on file and you will not need to re-sign a consent form.
  • You will then enter a payment method (the “External Payment” button and options will not display for you, just the credit card information). The billing address will display as the address entered by you when creating the account; you can change the billing address on this screen.
  • You will have one last chance to review the order, view the charges, and then click Confirm.
  • Your order is now complete
Week of 11/4/2021, dual credit teachers were asked to share the following information with their students.
We are asking all dual
Week of 11/4/2021, dual enrollment teachers were sent an email and asked to have students check enrollment for dual credit. Withdrawal deadline info also shared. See the link below for full info sent to teachers.

"Since is a new process, we are asking all dual credit classes to have students check their enrollment status.  If a student believes they met the deadline for qualifying for your class (they can reference the required scores posted in your room -enrollment requirements are course specific), they need to email me [email protected] by noon 11/5/21 with the following  information: course title, qualifying score or information and test date.  I need a screen shot of knowledge assessment test info and that screen shot must include their name. "