Eligibility & Participation Policies

A student who is or shall be twenty (20) years of age prior to or on the scheduled date of the IHSAA State Finals in a sport shall be ineligible for interschool athletic competition in that sport.
A student athlete may not participate in a ‘like’ sport during that high school season without IHSAA permission.
You are ineligible for further interscholastic athletic competition if you:
  • If you participate as a member of any other similar team in the same season not under the direct supervision and management of our school
  • If you participate in a tryout or demonstration as a prospective college athlete
  • If you participate in a demonstration, coaching school, or clinic outside the State of Indiana
There is a beginning and ending date for practices and contests in all IHSAA sanctioned sports. If you have a question concerning your participation and/or eligibility in any sport, please contact the high school athletic director. (See panel at right)
Illness and/or Injury
If you are absent for five (5) to ten (10) consecutive days, you must practice four (4) practices prior to game participation. If more than (10) consecutive days missed, you must practice six (6) practices prior to game participation.

If you did not pass five (5) regular, full credit subjects in the previous grading period, or if you are not currently enrolled in five (5) regular, full credit subjects, you are ineligible for further interscholastic competition. Semester grades will take precedence at the end of the semester. Audits DO NOT count as subjects. Required Physical Education is considered a solid subject.
Conduct & Character
If you represent your school in an appropriate manner, if your habits, conduct, or character in or out of school during the school year or during the summer are such to reflect discredit upon your school, you are ineligible for further interschool athletic competition. (IHSAA Rule C-8-I: It is recognized that principals, by the administrative authority vested in them by their school corporation, may exclude such contestants from representing their school.)
Drug Screening 
Anderson Community Schools has implemented a board policy that requires students involved in athletics, extra and co-curricular activities, and those students with driving privileges to be subject to random drug screens throughout the school year. In order to be eligible to participate in athletics, a signed permission slip must be on file in the school athletic office prior to competition. Get the drug screening permission form here.
Undue Influence
If a person uses undue influence to retain or secure you as a student (athlete) or retain or secure your parents or guardians as residents, you may be ruled ineligible for further interscholastic athletic competition after and investigation by the IHSAA.