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Theatre Arts

The AHS Theatre Arts Department is a small branch of AHS Performing Arts.  Classes offered include Theatre Arts, Theatre History, Technical Theatre, and Advanced Technical Theatre.  More classes will be available for students in the next few years.  We produce multiple extracurricular productions each school year, including 1-2 full length plays and several student-directed variety shows.  After four years of participation and growth within the department, students become eligible to be student directors. The Drama Club keeps theatre students organized and informed about theatre-related events, not only at AHS, but also in the Anderson community.  Students are also encouraged to participate in local community theatre, such as Anderson's Mainstage Theatre and the Alley Theatre.  Theatre students are eligible for induction into the AHS International Thespian Troupe #7676 upon working 100 hours in the theatre outside of class.  
Staff Sponsor: Mrs. Tiffany Jackson