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Forever Proud. Forever Strong. Forever Indians.

Homepage for Skipper's Classes

Welcome to my page here, I am sorry there is not a lot more here but perhaps in time I can add some pictures of young men and women working on school work and labs as the years progress. For now I would like to use it as a mainly as a linking space for parents to the school's LMS (Canvas) and Gradebook program (PowerSchool)
These two programs are where the most critical and important information regarding your student's progress in my classes can be found and frankly they are the easiest and best places to contact me from.  With that being said the links to these are Canvas ( and Powerschool (   Both of these can be linked to also from the school webpage. After the first week of school you child should have a link in his/her tool bar to canvas and should know their login information or have it in a safe place for reference so please feel free to ask them to show you what my Canvas page looks like and how to find information on it.  I try very hard to make things easy to navigate, deal with and somewhat representational of what online courses or mixed technology college classes look like.  I hope I am successful.
                                                                                                    OUR CLASSROOM PETS:
            "Pokie-hantas"                                                           "Nova"                                                                                        "Kaa"
An African Pygmy Hedgehog"                                    Blue Tongued Skink                                                                           Ball Python 
Gog                           hip                                                   "Gog"                                               "Male Madagascar Hissing Cockroach"                                 "Hip"                                                       "Hop"
            Tarantula                                                   There is a whole colony                                          Fire bellied Toad                            showing why they are called                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    fire bellied toads
         "Grenouille"                                           "Leviathan aka Levi"                                        "Strawberry"                                              " Blueberry"
     Green Tree Frog                                          Kenyan Sand Boa                                 Male Red Footed Tortoise                       Female Red Footed Tortoise
                                                                And last but certainly not least on of the elder members of the class 
                                                                                                 "The Crazy Guy Running the Show" 
                                                                                                                  Mr. Skipper