Dual Credit

Dual credit courses (DC) give students an opportunity to take college-level courses and exams while they are still in high school. The dual credit courses provide a challenging college curriculum and productive secondary school experience that can be applied to post-secondary education. Each course covers the same content, has the same expectations, and gives the same credit as at the college. High school teachers are required to follow the proposed college syllabi, methodologies, textbooks, and other instructional materials with some flexibility to accommodate individual teaching styles. Dual credit courses afford students the opportunity to simultaneously earn high school and college credits.

Anderson Community School Corporation offers a large variety of courses for academically talented students. This includes sixty-five dual credit courses. All courses listed in the AHS Course Description Handbook are taught by Anderson Community School faculty members who have been credentialed by the post-secondary institution that is awarding the dual credits. For further information about dual credit with IVY TECH Community College, go to http://www.ivytech.edu/dual-credit. For information about ACP dual credit from Indiana University-Kokomo, visit http://www.acp.indiana.edu/.