Turnaround Principal #2: School Climate & Culture

Establish a school environment that supports the social, emotional, and learning needs of all students. To determine which non-academic services or activities will be appropriate and useful under this principle, an LEA should examine the needs of students in a priority school. Based on the results of that examination, an LEA might choose to carry out a number of activities to address emotional, and health needs; implementing approaches that improve school climate and discipline such as implementing a system of positive behavioral interventions and supports or taking steps to eliminate bullying and student harassment; or initiating a community stability program to reduce the mobility rate of students in the school.
Strategies must be included for the following:
  • The school community supports a safe, orderly and equitable learning environment.
  • The school community maintains a culture that values learning and promotes the academic and personal growth of students and staff.
  • High expectations* are communicated to staff, students and families; students are supported to achieve them. (Frosh Orientation)
*Expectations of professionalism, instruction, communication and other elements of the school’s common teaching framework to staff; Expectations of attendance, academic performance, behavior, postsecondary attainment, etc. to families