Turnaround Principal #4: Curriculum, Assessment, & Intervention System

Ensure that teachers have the foundational documents and instructional materials needed to teach to the rigorous college- and career-ready standards.
Strategies must be included for the following:
  • The district or school curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Ready State Standards (CCRSS).
  • Teachers and school leaders collect classroom level data to verify that the adopted and aligned CCSS curriculum is the “taught” curriculum.
  • The district provides formative assessments in literacy and math to enable teachers to effectively gauge student progress and inform instructional decisions at the classroom and team levels.
  • Instructional materials and resources are aligned to the standards-based curriculum documents.
  • An intervention plan designed to meet the learning needs of students who are two or more years behind in ELA and Mathematics is planned, monitored and evaluated for effectiveness based on defined student learning goals. (Anderson Options)