Turnaround Principal #7: Effective Use of Time

Redesign time to better meet student and teacher learning needs and increase teacher collaboration focusing on improving teaching and learning. An LEA has flexibility in determining how to meet the turnaround principle regarding redesigning the school day, week, or year in a priority school. An LEA should examine the current use of time in the school and redesign the school day, week, or year based on the particular needs of the school. For example, an LEA may choose to add time to the school day or add days to the school year. However, an LEA is not required to add time; it may also redesign the school day by for example, moving to block scheduling to reduce transition time between classes and increase instructional time.
Strategies must be included for the following:
  • The master schedule is clearly designed and structured to meet the needs of all students.
  • The master schedule is clearly designed to meet the intervention needs of all students who are two or more years behind in ELA or Mathematics.
  • The master schedule is clearly structured and designed to meet the professional development needs of staff.