Turnaround Principal #3: Effective Instruction

Ensure that teachers utilize research-based, rigorous and effective instruction to meet the needs of all students and aligned with State Standards. As part of meeting the turnaround principle regarding strengthening the school’s instructional program based on student needs, and LEA may choose to improve the school’s kindergarten or preschool program so that it is research-based, rigorous, and aligned with State Standards.
Strategies must be included for the following:
  • Teachers ensure that student-learning objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely, and are aligned to the standards-based curriculum.
  • Teachers use multiple instructional strategies and multiple response strategies that actively engage and meet student learning needs.
  • Teachers use frequent checks for understanding throughout each lesson to gauge student learning, and to inform, monitor and adjust instruction.
  • Teachers demonstrate necessary content knowledge.
  • Teachers demonstrate the necessary skills to use multiple measures of data, including the use of diagnostic, formative and summative assessment data, to differentiate instruction to improve student achievement.
  • Teachers hold high expectations for all students academically and behaviorally as evidenced in their practice.